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August 17, 3:00 pm5:00 pm PDT

| Three Sisters Yoga Studio

Deep Nourishment: Inner Mechanics of True Rest

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August 17, 3:00 pm5:00 pm PDT

Deep Nourishment: Inner Mechanics of True Rest

Deep Nourishment is a guided body journey that brings you into a state of deep, healing rest. This practice takes you inside of the space that exists within you, restoring your natural breath and re-connecting you to your body’s innate bio-intelligence. The practice is usually done lying down with eyes closed, relaxing every muscle in your body.

The practice of Deep Nourishment creates a safe space that trains you to become receptive and profoundly present, so that you can experience an expanded sense of time and dive under the surface waves, into the ocean floor of your being, where deep alive peace always exists.

Three core benefits of the Deep Nourishment practice:

  1. True embodied confidence as a result of dissolving static that’s in the way of your clear and direct line to your intuition and inner guidance
  2. Digest past emotions, history from your body so you show up to your life lighter, freer, and less trapped in old patterns
  3. Learn the inner mechanics of True Rest: Regulate your nervous system, feel more at ease in your day-to-day, get better sleep

Additional benefits of regular Deep Nourishment practice:

  • Mental clarity and expanded awareness
  • You feel rooted in your essence and less bound to your thinking mind
  • Your body feels nourished, vital, rested, replenished
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • You open up  a clear channel to your inner guidance and receive answers to questions, solutions to problems, and insights around important life decisions.
  • You feel more at home in your body
  • You tune into organic timing, and learn to trust in that timing.
  • You may experience deeper and higher quality of sleep.
  • It becomes easier to digest, metabolize and process feelings and emotions.
  • As our emotional history starts to release and clear on the cellular level, we can show up differently in the world, in our relationships and in everything we do. We feel more ‘in charge” of ourselves and less run by patterns and reactivity.To learn more about the Deep Nourishment practice, you can go HERE.


$45 by August 10th, $55 thereafter


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August 17
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm PDT


Three Sisters Yoga Studio
392 E. Main Street
Sisters, OR 97759
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