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Our core community of women. Get exclusive access to events, weekly Embodiment Sessions, courses, resources, and more! If you’re new here, this is a great place to start.

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In-depth, immersive programs that allow you to go deep in personal exploration and growth. These open only for a limited time and fill up quickly, so start planning now!

What is the Amba Method?

Get to know the Amba Method, it’s evolution, and the personal story of its founder, Meghan Mahealani.

About the Amba Method

You’re invited to Amba Salón

Our monthly gathering space

Lucky you! A member of our Amba Community has invited you to join them as a guest at our next Amba Salón on April 24th. We are so excited to have you! We ask all our guests to register below before attending. Once you are registered, we’ll send you all the details on how to join.

Amba Salón is our monthly gathering space for Amba Community members and their guests to come together for a two-part experience:

  1. Sensuous Supper: We’ll sit down and share a meal together. You can pick something up or prepare it yourself. There will be a guided drop-in practice before we eat, and an invitation to be deeply present in your body and breath during the meal.  Sensuous supper is about communion. With our bodies, with the food we eat, with breath, and with one another. An experience of nourishment on all levels.
  2. Sharing circle: After our embodied meal, we’ll have time for sharing and reflections on the experience.



February theme

Preparation & Guidelines

  • Virtual doors open 15 minutes prior to our workshop. We’ll begin promptly at 6 pm PT and doors will close at that time.
    Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to give yourself time to settle in, transition from your day, and set up your space.
  • Set up in a comfortable, quiet space. Make sure your space feels nurturing, cozy, and free from outside distraction. Please do not try to join while driving, in a moving vehicle, parked in a parking lot, or in a public space.
  • Have your meal and beverage of choice prepared prior to the start of our Sensuous Supper. You may also want to have a journal and pen on hand, for writing down insights and reflections.
  • Our monthly salons are live streamed only – there won’t be a recording posted – including a guided journey followed by sharing and discussion.
    Out of respect for the sacredness of our circle, we ask that you please stay until the end.

Register as a guest

Join us on Wednesday, April 24th, 4:30-6 pm Pacific Time

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