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Our core community of women. Get exclusive access to events, weekly Embodiment Sessions, courses, resources, and more! If you’re new here, this is a great place to start.

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What is the Amba Method?

Get to know the Amba Method, it’s evolution, and the personal story of its founder, Meghan Mahealani.

About the Amba Method

About Amba

Every woman deserves to feel nourished from within, empowered, and at home in her own skin. Amba provides pathways, practices, support, and a sacred space for your inner transformation, healing, connecting with the earth, returning to your body, and remembering your wisdom.

What is Amba?

Amba is a way of being and body of work that includes practices, community and life application that have been thoughtfully curated to foster your sense of self-love, heighten your intuition, and spark a remembrance that the earth is not something we just connect with, but a part of who we are.

The Amba Method incorporates breath, embodied movement, earth resonance, cultivation of presence, working with the 5 elements of nature, self-reflection and much more.

Amba is not a self-improvement program, a wellness hack, or the path of more and better. Amba offers a space to cultivate a practice and life that feels exquisitely nourishing and life-giving to you as you reclaim your whole self. We do this through transforming emotions into raw life force and vitality, listening deeply within, and paving pathways that reconnect us to our embodied knowing and living wisdom, so that we can always find our way home, no matter what.

Your body is…

your body is so much more than a body
your body is
a portal to the infinite
your home and your haven
stardust mixed with soil
a warm ocean wrapped in skin
yours to enjoy and play in
yours to cherish and rest in
yours to get to know deeply

  • Sam headshot

    Embodiment has helped me feel the magic and power of being an intuitive woman. I am now deeply connected to myself, grounded and whole. I am able to feel emotions in my body move through me and I am able to clear my energetic self this way. When I am a clean slate, the inspirations and ideas come pouring in- this is one of my favorite parts of being a woman in my human body! It helps me feel comfortable and empowered in myself.

    Sam Rea Womb Wellness Practitioner + Embodiment Guide
  • Jasmine headshot

    Working with Meghan has been one of the best experiences of my life. I met her when I was in a very dark period and I am so thankful I did. She is a light being who becomes a catalyst of change for everyone who she comes in contact with… Because of Amba practice and community, I have learned to be more present, to appreciate every moment, to align with nature, and most of all to stay rooted within myself when life gets shaky. I can easily say she saved me from my shadow self… I would highly recommend working with Meghan to anyone I know. Getting to learn from her is truly an honor and a blessing.

    Jasmine Ghlijkhani Amba Alumna
  • Veronica headshot

    After just one class, Amba Movement has completely changed my life. I don’t move the same. I don’t walk the same. I don’t feel the same.

    Veronica Daniels Amba Alumna
  • Jessica headshot

    Through the practice of Amba, I learned that my body is waiting for me, all the time. Like the earth, she is there, steady and waiting for you to come back to her. Amba is about coming back home to your body in a pure and genuine way in ANY MOMENT you choose to put your presence there. And there is joy and pure aliveness.

    Jessica Kelton Amba Alumna
  • Testimonial Tatiana

    Meghan is an incredible light and facilitator. The container she holds is deeply receptive, kind and nourishing on a cellular level. Working with her is like receiving medicine straight from the earth herself and she helps you connect with that medicine directly inside. My entire body and spirit have been so upgraded working with this wonderful woman!

    Tatiana Fontalvo Amba Alumna
  • I feel blessed to be on the receiving end of Meghan’s heartfelt service. Her offerings are so simple and so deep. Her deep listening, open heart, and love for Mother Earth are felt on a cellular level, and I feel changed by her guidance. In all my time with Meghan I have only been reminded of the beauty, gentleness and divinity in me. I am soul grateful.

    Diana Brisca Designer, nanny, artist
  • Kymberli headshot

    Meghan has been my teacher for over 15 years. Her embodiment work of Amba was the foundation for all the healing work I’ve done in those 15+ years. She was the first person who was able to lead me back into my own body after a lifetime of being disconnected and disassociated from myself and my body. I can now hold myself and all my feelings and experiences and it has helped me do the same for my son and made me a better mother. I will forever recommend working with her if you have the opportunity.

    Kymberli Zakrzewski Personal Coach
  • I have learned to slow down… how to reassess my relationship with time. Dropping down into connection with the earth has allowed me to be here — *just* here, not here and also in tomorrow or yesterday too. Nothing comes too quickly, or too slow. My experience of life now is that everything comes to me in perfect timing; in this new perspective, my life has been transforming. Even though I used to push for it to transform before, it never did. And it didn’t feel good to push for it anyway. I have learned to cultivate peace here and now, and the absolute hilariousness and deliciousness of that is that now everything that I had previously dreamed of IS happening/already was happening, without me realizing it.

    Ali King
  • Meghan is a Shamanic Creatrix. She uses the wisdom of Nature and weaves it into practice which is accessible for the human form (especially female forms). In moving with her, I was able to create relationships with Earth and body-wisdom, that even years later, allow me to drop quickly out of time/space/materialism and source from a place of abundance/ life force/ spirit. I am so grateful to have met her and so grateful she shares with us, in our time of forgetting, we need people who help us remember. She does this.

    Heather Kelly

I have found depths within myself that I had never tapped into.

– Maureen Matthes, singer, songwriter, & artist

Amba Benefits

Emotional regulation

Process emotions and transform anxiety and overwhelm into deep peace, relaxed confidence, and radiant aliveness.

Physical vibrancy

Reduce pain, stagnation, and crunchiness. Feel more free, vibrant and alive.

Actualize dreams and goals

Stop wasting time wound up in self doubt, looping thoughts, and worry. Move through life with more clarity and feel deep alignment and flow as you reach your goals and actualize your dreams.

Mental Clarity & Intuition

Spend less time doubting and questioning and more time in your core accessing your inner wisdom for more clarity and peace.

Powerful Magnetism

Draw in exactly what’s meant for you – from friendships to work opportunities to ideas to romance to solutions to problems.

Gently Shedding the Old

Get to the root of old patterns and unconscious habits so you have room for the highest fulfillment of your heart’s visions and desires.

Meghan Mahealani standing smiling in a tropical jungle in the trees.

Meet Meghan

Meghan Mahealani is a catalyst, mentor, and embodiment guide who has been supporting women in bridging the disconnect between body and spirit for 20 years. She has trained in and been a lifelong student of numerous methods of movement, somatics, dance, meditation, breathing, yoga, mysticism, the 5 elements, and more. After facilitating various methods, Meghan eventually created the Amba Method in 2012. Amba is a method and community for women to remember the Sacred and Wild feminine within, through – not in spite of – the body.  

Meghan brings a unique quality of earthen grounding and oceanic expansiveness to the way that she guides women into their inner world. 

She has dedicated her life to growing, listening, healing, unlocking the keys of how to fully live in these body vessels, and to saying yes the truth of her heart and trusting the sacred, winding river of life.

Meghan and two students wading in a river practicing the Amba Method.

Amba is a practice that opens women up to the pure joy of natural movement and catalyzes a deep appreciation of living in a body.

Amba is a practice that supports you in:

  • Clearing blockages and stagnation
  • Heightening your intuition and trust in yourself
  • Freeing yourself from your looping thoughts and becoming in charge of your mind
  • Returning home to the deep peace and luminosity of your inner most being
  • Digesting, metabolizing, and transmuting emotions into life force
  • Feeling free, open, and at ease in your body
  • Living grounded in your full power
  • Healing from the past, on a cellular level
  • Overcoming unconscious habits and patterns
  • Recharging on every level

The Amba Method will:

  • Connect you to the earth and the elements of Nature
  • Deepen your connection to your body, and simultaneously the universe
  • Increase your embodied confidence
  • Bring you home to the truth that the greatest pleasures come from within, bringing your awareness to the inner space of your body and heart
  • Offer practices for getting deeply nourished and fulfilled from within
  • Help you learn how to best nurture and mother yourself as you nurture those around you.
  • Support you in restoring your natural joy and love of life

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Together is the only way these days. Join our sacred space for women to gather and connect with our bodies, the earth, and one another.

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Other ways to dive in

Work like a woman

Co-work with your body, your breath, and the earth.

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The Lodge

Go Deep & Break Free from Old Patterns by Merging your Practice with Your Daily Life.

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Feel seen, heard, and encouraged as you deepen your connection with your natural self and allow you to flourish in every area of your life.

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Build a foundation & learn the practices of living in your body to connect to your authentic power, full radiance and being.

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Shed old skins and discover new magic as you recharge your being and go on a transformational embodiment journey.

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We offer local and online Amba events to support you on your journey.

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  • All of our offerings will provide a space for you to connect deeply with yourself. That said, the best place for most women to start is in our Virtual Amba Community. In the community you’ll receive support, tools and  deep practices to help you replenish, ground and come home to yourself over and over again.

  • Embodiment is about the degree of presence that we bring into our bodies. It’s a sacred practice in that we are connecting with the divine current of life that runs through each of us by going into our bodies and into our breath.

    In Amba, our embodiment practice includes 5 key pathways:

    1. Breath
    2. Movement
    3. Sound
    4. Touch
    5. Presence.

    Embodiment isn’t just a practice you do or a class/retreat you take, it’s a way of life.

  • Amba isn’t a spiritual path or a religion. All women, from all backgrounds, are welcome. The Amba Method incorporates both ancient and modern practices to support women on their sacred path of homecoming THROUGH the body rather than trying to transcend the body. It is nature-based, somatic, non-performative, and incorporates the full range of who we are.

  • All women are welcome here. Amba is not a fitness program, but there is physical movement designed to help you access the inner wisdom of your body. If there is anything we do that doesn’t work with your body you are encouraged to find a movement and adjust to what feels true to your experience. The practices are about tuning in and deepening connection with yourself.  Your body will be your guide and we will guide you in your journey of listening to it. If you have a specific concern for your body, please reach out directly. 

  • Yes! Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome!

  • Great question! Learn more here.