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What is the Amba Method?

Get to know the Amba Method, it’s evolution, and the personal story of its founder, Meghan Mahealani.

About the Amba Method

Come home to your body

Access your life force from within. Connect with your body, your essence, the earth, and a like-minded community of women.

Take a slow, deep belly breath…

…feel your feet on the ground. Welcome home. We’re glad you’re here!

You deserve to feel nourished from within, empowered, and at home in your own skin.

The world is constantly distracting our attention and pulling us outside of ourselves, outside of our power.

When we get pulled out of the center of our being, we also lose access to our biological intelligence, our guiding light, our deep wisdom, and our ability to be the full force of nature that we truly are—and that our world really needs us to be right now.

When we live dropped in to our bodies and cracked open to our full inner power, we can much more easily create what our hearts long for, in our lives and in the world.

Amba is a cultivation of ancient and modern practices that guide a sacred path of awakening through the body rather than trying to transcend the body.

  • Meghan’s work is absolutely incredible. Really there are no words for her or her offerings. They trace the realm of the wordless. Meghan has given me the greatest greatest gift of this life. And that is me and the sacredness that is my body, my life, this moment. She helps you return to yourself. The love that is now and you… If you want to remember who you truly are and where you came from and the divinity that is life itself, work with this woman. She is such a pure, magnificent medicine. Her container is like the most potent, life changing plant medicine journey wrapped up in a human vessel. The sovereignty, the strength, the power, the grace, the love I have found is unimaginable. I didn’t know it existed. My healing was immense. It has lead me on the greatest journey. One that is juicy and deep and expansive and filled with so much ecstasy truly. The ecstasy that is breathing, feeling, sensing, being. The precious ecstasy of life itself. What a gift.

    Lizzie Poncio
  • After each Amba Circle, I am always stunned by how I feel solid and light at the same moment. It seems like those two feelings should not coexist. Yet, it happens every time! Meghan has taught me to really listen to my body without judgment in a society where that practice is not often encouraged. The result of that listening has brought me peace of mind and inspired awareness of all of the knowledge and power my body has to offer me even in physically challenging times. The amazing feelings of renewal, solidness and radiance continue to astound and delight me as I revel in the afterglow of each Amba session.

    Beth Goode End-Of-Life Doula
  • Meghan has been an incredible teacher, mentor, guide, and source of wisdom. She has helped awaken a much deeper connection to my body, my heart, and my own internal guidance and wisdom. It is an honor to be her student and to benefit from her love and the deep commitment she has to herself, her practice, her teaching, and the healing she provides for others. Working with Meghan has been life changing in so many ways. Thank you Meghan for being who you are in the world. The world needs more of you!

    Alison Miller, PhD Owner and founder of The Dissertation Coach and The Academic Writer’s Space
  • Meghan has shared her beautiful wisdom and incredible practice that has deeply expanded my connection to my body and simultaneously the universe. The life I experience on a daily basis is infused with expansive moments through a simple remembering, and conscious connection to self, others, nature, Mother Earth and the cosmos. Her work has shaped and molded my life in ways that I didn’t know were possible. Her calm, humble and grounded way of guiding brings me right home, to me. Meghan reminds us of the wisdom within each of us and that true self love is a path to freedom. . . and indeed it is! I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with Meghan, I hold her dear in my heart and hope to forever be connected to her and her passionate way of living and BEing.

    Megan Walker Mother, pediatric nurse, holistic health coach
  • Meghan’s transmission of Earth resonance, of embodied intimacy, of harmony, of bliss is the REAL DEAL. She has been a beloved teacher/guide of mine for many years now and her influence has profoundly and beautifully influenced the quality of my life. It is evident that she truly walks her talk. Her integrity is impeccable, her intention pure, and her practice is DEEP and real. People often throw flimsy words around these days, but I mean it….what Meghan brings is rare and pure and true. I am so grateful to have her guidance in my life. What a blessing!

    Keri Khalighi Mother, doula, women’s circle facilitator
  • Working with Meghan is a true body-heart-spirit experience! Through the regular practice of Deep Nourishment, I’ve developed a refined sense of my own system, how to meet and care for myself on a deep, cellular level. The practice is loving, nurturing, and balancing. I’ve also noticed that my sense of touch is much more soft and loving as a result of the practice, both towards myself and towards my loved ones. Meghan is a unique guide; someone who is deeply devoted to living a vital life connected to source. I have deep trust and respect for her integrity and how she holds each of her clients with the utmost care.

    Elizabeth Vitiello Designer, artist + coach
  • More than any other practice, Amba has helped me to feel more alive and comfortable in my own skin. Amba is a way to feel and move my emotions that may be trapped inside of me. The Deep Nourishment practice helps me to open up to my intuition and inner knowing. The luscious movement creates a space for fresh ideas and creative inspiration. When I do these practices, I feel so much more alive and less irritated. I now have space for all of me, breathing room if you will! I’m so much more present and available to my family and everyone in my life.

    Jenn Andrews
  • Meghan has assisted me in coming home to my body. My body feels better to me from the inside out, and my energy flows a lot better. I now use my breath and movement on a daily basis to move through challenges. The consistent practice of coming together with women in a safe space feels amazing.

    Claire Elizabeth
  • Amba helps me to align my body, mind, and spirit so that I can be present in my heart, and more accurately express it to the world. When I’m able to do that I’m able to more fully live my purpose. Being able to move and flow with my body brings me an amazing joy that I have been longing to share with the world. Since I started the Amba Method, I feel more at peace, alive, and I have an amazing love for myself that I did not know was possible before.

    Ayla Joy Weber
  • I now experience my body as a total wonderland, an entire universe. Without this deep exploration through Amba, I wouldn’t have made this connection. As I connected more to my body, my confidence was completely transformed.

    Megan Kerns Business owner


The Lodge

An immersive, 6-month virtual voyage, our deepest-dive Amba experience. Discover a potent catalyst to living an embodied life fueled by the power of your heart.

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Work Like a Woman

Work Like a Woman is a on-going series of monthly co-working workshops to help you breathe ease into your work day, ignite your creativity, and find your flow.

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Shed old skins and discover new magic as you recharge your being and go on a transformational embodiment journey.


Build a foundation & learn the practices of living in your body to connect to your authentic power, full radiance and being.


Feel seen, heard, and encouraged as you deepen your connection with your natural self and allow you to flourish in every area of your life.


Jul 16 2024
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm | Virtual

Embodiment Circle (Tuesday Evening)

Jul 17 2024
9:30 am – 10:45 am | Three Sisters Yoga Studio

Embodied Vinyasa Yoga

Jul 17 2024
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm | Virtual

Embodiment Circle (Wednesday noon)

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