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The Amba Community

Our core community of women. Get exclusive access to events, weekly Embodiment Sessions, courses, resources, and more! If you’re new here, this is a great place to start.

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In-depth, immersive programs that allow you to go deep in personal exploration and growth. These open only for a limited time and fill up quickly, so start planning now!

What is the Amba Method?

Get to know the Amba Method, it’s evolution, and the personal story of its founder, Meghan Mahealani.

About the Amba Method

The Lodge

The Lodge is an immersive, 6-month virtual voyage, our deepest-dive Amba experience. Discover a potent catalyst to living an embodied life fueled by the power of your heart.

Bring your practice to life

Embodiment isn’t just a practice you do or a class you take, it’s a way of living intimately with your breath and an open heart, in each moment. The Lodge is where we weave spiritual concepts, mystical experiences, and downloads from our higher selves into our daily lives, into a lived experience within our bodies, transforming the most mundane experiences into sacred, breath-filled, heart-softening moments. 

The Lodge is a modern-day sacred apprenticeship for women to grow, blossom and live into their most powerful and radiant expression of their true essence and womanhood. It is the most in-depth group offering that Meghan offers.

This annual 6-month virtual voyage is for deep and devoted women who are craving to infuse the richness of their practices throughout their life.

We open up applications in the spring. If you’re interested in learning more about the Lodge, get on our waitlist to be notified when we open registration.

Deep support for your journey

The Lodge is dedicated to support you in:

  • Accessing and opening up to inner pathways through advanced practices, pathways that will become anchors back home to you for the rest of your life.
  • Cultivating a deeper access to your inner wellspring of love and divinity within, as an inner spiritual sanctuary that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • Catalyzing lasting transformation and change at the cellular level
  • Living into the full embodiment of your inner power and vivacious essence.
  • Weaving your connection to the sacred and your body through your day to day life in all areas: Work, relationships, self-care, how you walk, how you speak, everything … dilating every moment of life into an open-hearted, fully-breathed, living prayer.

Elements of the lodge

Inner Alchemy

Monthly Lodge Deep Dives: 3-hour virtual deep dive with Meghan, with deeper embodiment practices, inner alchemy, guided meditations for accessing your inner creative power and actualizing the dreams and visions of your heart into physical reality. 6 retreats total (one per month).

Weave your Practice

Receive practices and journal prompts each month to assist you in cultivating your self practice and weaving your practice through your life. In addition you’ll be paired up with a practice and accountability partner in the lodge.

Transformative Moments

Lodge Mentorship Circles: The lodge includes monthly 90 minute Lodge mentorship circles with Meghan for bringing up challenges, sharing, asking questions, and integration. 6 total mentorship circles total.

Deep Connection

As the culmination of our 6-month journey, we’ll come together in person for a 4-day/3-night exclusive retreat just for our lodge women. Lodging & food included. Travel expenses such as airfare, car rental are not included. Location will be announced in April 2024 when we open the Lodge for applications.

Support, Reflections, Encouragement

You will receive kind, honest reflections and input from Meghan and the women in our Lodge circle.

Lifelong Friendships & Sisterhood

You’ll be joining a circle of women who are as dedicated to their path as you are, creating deep bonds that will likely continue to be in your life well beyond the 6 months of The Lodge.

  • Meghan is a guide so deeply connected to her heart, and thus the hearts of all beings she works with. I trust her and feel so validated in my pain and equally acknowledged in my joy. One of the biggest changes I’ve seen in myself since working with Meghan is my inner dialogue. It’s shifted from self-critical, insecure, and not really seeing who I am, to loving self talk, valuing my uniqueness, and welcoming everything about and inside me. She has channeled so much love into my subconscious that this transformation seemed effortless. Meghan is a gift to humanity.

    Julia Lungin Ayurvedic Practitioner
  • Lisa Gunn headshot

    This work has helped me connect with my true essence as a woman, and as a healer. By learning how to slow down and connect my movement to my breath in each moment, I am able to tap into my true intuition and make decisions from a place of authenticity. This has helped me in all my relationships, as I’m more able to create healthy boundaries, I’m more open to giving and receiving deeper love, and I’m more capable of recognizing and processing my emotions. In a nutshell, it has helped me to be able to stay connected to others while not losing a connection with myself.

    Lisa Gunn Energy Healer
  • Brooke Botwinick

    Amba is not only a class to attend or a retreat to go to… it is a way of life. Meghan creates a safe space for women to explore themselves and their bodies through movement, breath, and the elements of nature. Meghan also shares how to bring the embodiment practice in everyday life. She has helped me heal and step into my strength. The Amba practice and community have given me the tools to feel more grounded in my life, cultivate my spirituality, and open up to the world of my body, to be able to know what I want and need in the moment… in a way that no other class has.

    Brooke Botwinick Lodge Alumna
  • Nina Larkins

    I’m so much more in tune with my body than I ever knew was possible. I’m more aware of my body, kinder to myself, able to feel more deeply, and I feel so much more joy and aliveness on a day to day basis. I’m living more in the moment. My energy, patience, and confidence have increased. I feel like the volume of life has been turned up because I’m experiencing everything more deeply. I’ve been doing yoga for a long time and I really enjoy it, but Amba has been the practice that has truly helped me to blossom. Anyone can do this at any age.

    Nina Larkins Yoga & Movement teacher
  • Working with Meghan has truly been a gift. She has sparked so much growth and joy in my life. She has helped me connect with my body and spirit in a way I had not encountered before meeting Meghan. She has helped me work through profound grief, learn my true nature and grow into a deeper, stronger and more beautiful woman. I simply adore her and I highly, highly, highly recommend working with her. She is a magic one!

    Alice Richards Attorney
  • Lauren G.

    When I first started to practice Amba, it was clear to me that it is truly unlike the many other forms of movement or yoga that I’ve tried; I didn’t just leave class feeling good and accomplished making it through the end of class. I saw how Meghan’s teachings weren’t just bits of information that only made sense in the class—because Meghan bases her teachings directly upon the laws of nature—they made sense in everyday life! I naturally committed to the practice because I consistently felt rejuvenated after every class and I wanted more because I connected to a deep feeling of natural joy. The Loge is a form of self-care like no other. Meghan offers powerful tools to help a woman build and sustain loving life energy. Although I cannot change other people, I will always have the power to go within myself and do my inner work.

    Lauren G. Lodge Alumna
  • Your gift of embodied living has forever changed my life. It’s almost daily that I work with my star and connect to the center of the earth, breathe deep into my belly (which I had never done until you), move naturally and let out sounds I’ve never known I had… it’s all so liberating and honoring to my sacred body and breath. I feel safe and held by the practice you have given me.

    Megan W. Lodge Alumna

Get on the waitlist

The Lodge is a seasonal program that’s only open for applications at limited intervals. Seats are limited, so by filling out the form below you’ll be the first to know when we are about to open up application!


Lodge FAQs

  • While every woman in the lodge will receive personal attention and feedback in our Lodge circles, all Lodge elements are done in a group setting. If you’re looking to work privately with Meghan, consider exploring mentorship.

  • The Lodge runs every year from the Fall Equinox until around the Spring Equinox. We open the lodge application window sometime in the spring. If you’d like to be the first to know when we open, get on the waitlist here.

  • The Lodge may be a great fit for you if you’re not completely new to embodiment practice, or if you’ve been in our Amba community for some time and ready to go to new depths and heights with your practice. The Lodge is for women who are deeply committed to their self-discovery journey and have experience in Amba or other types of inner work and/or somatics training. The Lodge is also designed for healing practitioners and facilitators, such as yoga teachers, coaches and mentors, movement guides, etc, who’ve been on a journey for some time and are looking for an equally strong & spacious container held by a seasoned guide.

  • We’ll announce tuition, dates and other details in the spring when we open our application window. 

  • Our capacity is 24 women. Applications are reviewed on a first come first served basis. 

  • The retreat is included in the cost of The Lodge but it’s not mandatory.

  • You don’t need to be a member to apply for the Lodge, however the tuition for the Lodge is significantly less for Amba Community members.