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The Amba Community

Our core community of women. Get exclusive access to events, weekly Embodiment Sessions, courses, resources, and more! If you’re new here, this is a great place to start.

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In-depth, immersive programs that allow you to go deep in personal exploration and growth. These open only for a limited time and fill up quickly, so start planning now!

What is the Amba Method?

Get to know the Amba Method, it’s evolution, and the personal story of its founder, Meghan Mahealani.

About the Amba Method

Nourish Your Soul

The Amba Community is a sacred gathering space for women to move, breathe, and journey inward. Wherever you are in the world, connect with like-minded women in our virtual community via our weekly Embodiment circles, workshops, courses, and more!

Ground. Replenish.
Come home.

Are you longing to reconnect with your essence after pouring your energy into your family, career, community, and other commitments? 

Do you feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself after navigating a major life transition, a period of grief, or years of struggling with feeling disconnected and dissociated from your body?

The Amba Community is built on the belief that all women have the power to regularly access the divine through their bodies. In the Amba Community, you’ll:

  • Feel a deeper connection to your body, your innermost being, the earth, and the divine.
  • Receive support, tools, and practices to help you replenish, ground, and come home to yourself over and over again.
  • Connect with like-minded women all over the world on a shared journey.



So many women feel disconnected from their bodies. The Amba Method brings them back home.

– Meghan Mahealani, founder & creator of the Amba Method
  • Montanna H, Amba Member

    I just want to thank you for the space you hold. Every time I show up to practice with you & the Amba community, I just feel like I want to cry–I feel such safety and the experience of being met and more. I spend so much of my life helping others, and your wisdom and your spirit and your connection is always revitalizing. To witness the power that you embody and how you’re able to drop in and hold the kind of space that you do for other women. The work that you offer allows me to go so deep into my soul, and every time I do work with you, there are major changes, catalysts and movements. I’m so grateful.

    Montanna Harrington Clinical Hypnotherapist & Womb Ministry
  • Lauren N, Amba Member

    Women are constantly apologizing for things that they don’t need to apologize for. When I practice the Amba Method, I don’t apologize with my body anymore. I extend and lengthen. I take up space. This practice teaches you how to own your space – physically and energetically.

    Lauren N.
  • Amba always feels like coming home. It feels as though a heavy veil lifted off of my being and the lightness that I once experienced has returned to me. Like losing one’s sight, things dim gradually over time. Life begins to feel less vibrant, lacking that certain something. The Deep Nourishment and Luscious Movement practices have centered and expanded my soul again. As someone who spends so much time in her head, dropping back into my tissues has brought me balance, peace and strength.

    Samantha B. Writer & Creative Director
  • The ability Meghan has to hold space, honor an individuals timing, how it grows and unfolds with nature is unlike other encounters in the wellness space I have seen or felt. In particular learning how to best mother myself as I mother those around me. Having the tools and support Meghan has shared from her apothecary of offerings has been monumental in my life. Thank you Meghan for doing what you do, and for how you lead from example in such an honest way.

    Anais Foley-Kennedy Mother, yoga teacher, Amba Movement teacher
  • Maureen Matthes, Amba Member

    Meghan is masterful at guiding women into the inner world of the body. As a spiritual woman, artist, educator and long time meditator, l have found depths with myself that l had never before tapped into. Giving myself the time for the Amba practice is incredible. With Meghan’s guidance, I keep finding spaces to feel my beauty and power as a woman. I am finding deep ‘homes within homes’ within my body that is making my whole life SO much more enjoyable. It truly feels like a new journey for a lifetime. As a professional artist, my whole creative process feels deeper and more connected than ever before. I am embodying my own creativity and feminine essence on a much deeper level. I am deeply grateful to Meghan for her guidance and her embodied leadership which she exudes through walking and owning her own unique path.

    Maureen Matthes Singer, songwriter, artist, teacher
  • Brenda Herrington, Amba member

    Embodiment has impacted my life by altering my life path. Despite a long standing meditation and yoga practice, I was disconnected from my body. The Amba Method has reconnected me to my body. I found forgiveness, acceptance, playfulness, and stability. This practice has connected me to my own joy, beauty, and strength. It has opened my heart. My own practice of Amba has transformed the words “Sacred, Wild, Loved” from words I couldn’t feel and didn’t understand to words I own in my heart with a deep yes, yes, yes! What I love about this practice is that it feels like sharing light. It is tremendously good news for a woman to learn about this way of connecting to her own body, of listening to herself, of hearing herself. Our bodies have much to say!

    Brenda Herrington Business consultant
  • I can’t even begin to describe the magic and beauty of my Amba journey. All I can say as that this opening of my entire being is imprinted in me forever, like a treasure map that I can follow back to my beautiful, wild, sacred, loved Self anytime.

    Surreina Gallegos Gerbman Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master
  • If you have the opportunity to work with Meghan and bask in her magic and wisdom, I highly, highly recommend you go for it. Working with her over 3 years ago so potently changed and inspired my life. Her deep connection to the body and its intricate relationship with nature weaves so beautifully into the embodiment practices she shares. Her Embodiment Circles are truly journeys, from which you return more radiant, feeling more loved by life, more in tune with your inner knowing… just pure magic. I whole heartedly believe there’s no better person than Meghan to learn about feminine energetics, womb wisdom, our primordial nature, and all things embodiment. She is beyond amazing and it has been such a gift to learn from and practice with her.

    Jessica Tapper Naturopathic Medical Student
  • Through both the practice and community, Amba is a true exploration of sisterhood, play and divine femininity. Meghan’s nurturing space has gifted me a greater connection to my bones and ancestry! This has enabled me to connect to my lighthearted truth and live more joyfully through greater self-realization. I have learned to move in a way that is so natural to my spirit and so healing! I am grateful to Meghan for being a light on my path.

    Emily Nichols
  • The Amba practice has been life changing, eye opening and heart activating. I am continually inspired and softened by Meghan’s energy, and the way she creates and holds space.

    Fallon Hansen Primal Mother & Embodiment Guide

What you get

Weekly embodiment circle

Connect with your community in real time every week, or you can take the recorded circle. Develop a consistent embodiment practice that helps you to stay grounded in your body and nourished from within, no matter what’s going on in your life or the world.

Resource library

Instant and anytime access to a treasure chest of embodiment resources for you, including short practices, guided meditations, recordings of our weekly embodiment circles, and a variety of tools that support you in living the life you came here to live, dropped into your body.

All courses

Receive access to our private course library, with in-depth guidance to support you in accessing your life force energy from within and cultivating a regular embodiment practice that you love.

Exclusive events

We hold special events every month just for our members, including workshops, fireside chats, and deep practice dives. You’ll also get guest passes to bring your family and friends!

Early access & member discounts

As an Amba Community member, you are our top priority – you’ll be the first to get access and special discounts on all of our programs, retreats, immersions, and special events.

Sacred Sanctuary

Our community offers a warm, nurturing, welcoming haven for you to come home to your body and reconnect with yourself amidst your busy life. The Amba community supports you through providing a sacred sanctuary for you to drop in to your inner being, a circle of women who are also on the path of awakening through the body, and an abundance of deep, delightful and delicious practices to choose from.

Join the Amba Community

Membership is just $188/month or $1,918/year (save over 15% when you commit to a year!).

With an Amba Community membership, you get:

  • Instant unlimited access to our library of Amba practices, tools, courses, and resources
  • Members-only events every month
  • Weekly live Embodiment Circles (Tuesdays 6 pm PT & Wednesdays 12 pm PT)
  • Exclusive members-only discounts
  • Early priority registration for Amba retreats and events
  • …and more!

Membership FAQs

  • True change happens over time with consistent practice. While we recognize that things come up in life, we’re really committed to supporting you in your intention of reconnecting with yourself. To support your success, all memberships require a 3 month commitment. If you have an annual membership, your membership will cancel after the 12 months are up. Cancellations require 30 days notice through your account dashboard.

  • Membership includes all the tools that you need to develop a regular practice that helps you to deepen your connection with yourself, your body, your heart, and with the divine. These tools include weekly live streamed embodiment circles, recordings to all past circles via your account dashboard, monthly members-only events, Amba online courses, unlimited access to resources and practices, priority registration to retreats and special events, exclusive discounts, and more!

  • The Amba community is a deeply nourishing space for women who are ready to fully step into the practices to feel more alive, nourished, and at home in your body. If you’re not ready to embrace a commitment to a regular practice, we offer free resources that can help you get started on your journey. If you’d like to get a taste of the Amba practices and community, join our mailing list to stay in the loop about upcoming events, or go here to get the Reconnect with Your Body Starter Kit.

  • While we wish we could receive love and light for payment, currently we only accept major credit and debit cards, via a secure third-party payment processor, Stripe.

  • Presence is such an important element of connecting deeply with yourself, the divine, and our community. While we know that life is hectic at times, we ask that you have you camera on at the beginning of the session for our welcome circle and for our closing circle so that we can see you and feel you, and you can be supported. You don’t need to have your camera on for the embodiment practice time – that’s completely up to you!

  • We love supporting mamas in their practice, and we believe that children and families are a vital source of love life energy. Presence and connecting to source energy aren’t just about what happens when we’re alone and in an isolated solo practice. Learning to stay grounded and connected in the midst of life activities can be incredibly valuable. You’re welcome to have your children around. Just please make sure you’re muted and when it’s your turn to share, and wear headphones.

  • It’s central to our ethos to create a safe, sacred space for you to unravel, drop inside, and express your experience authentically. For that reason, rest assured that none of our sharing at the end of our circle is recorded to protect your privacy and the sanctuary of our space.

  • The annual membership is designed to honor your commitment to devoting a year to deepening your connection with yourself and consistently showing up for your sacred practice.

    Please make your choice carefully for the annual membership, as there are no refunds, transfers, or pauses to this membership option. It’s a yearlong commitment, paid in full.

  • 1:1 support isn’t included with the membership. If you’re looking for a more customized experience and receive personal support and feedback, you can explore options for 1:1 mentorship with Meghan or The Lodge.

  • Our weekly embodiment circles are where we gather together as a community and support one another in cultivating a devoted and ever-deepening embodiment practice. We offer these to provide a space for you to be consistently held as part of this alive community. When you become a member you’ll have easy access to your personal portal within which you’ll find all Zoom links and information to join. In case you can’t make it to the live circles, you’ll have unlimited access to all circle recordings within your portal.

  • If you are craving a community that supports you in deeply accessing your innermost being, along with tools and pathways that deepen your connection with the divine through your body and increasing your vital energy, this community is perfectly designed for you.

    If being led by a seasoned guide to access your inner world and being held through what comes up from that, is of value to you, you’re in the right place. 


    Women come to this community for all kinds of reasons, from wanting to reconnect with themselves after pouring themselves into their family and career and feeling burned out to processing a major breakup or major life change where they feel like the lost a part of themselves and are looking to reclaim their wholeness or even other healers, teachers and guides who have been practicing and supporting others but want a space where they can be held.

    Sometimes it’s a body image issue and no longer being able to access the radiance and beauty from within or struggling with feeling like they can’t break out of overworking and doing and access their feminine essence.

    No matter what brings you to the community, you’ll access a deep connection with your body, your innermost being, the earth, and the divine. You’ll receive tools, practices and support to help you replenish, ground and come home to yourself over and over again.

  • Just like women come to us from all kinds of backgrounds and for all types of reasons that ultimately lead them to coming home to themselves, they also come into our community from all over the world.

    Our live streamed embodiment circles are held every week at the following times:

    • Tuesdays 6 pm Pacific Time (US)
    • Wednesdays 12 pm Pacific Time (US)

    If you can’t make it live because of your time zone, the recordings of every circle are posted inside of the portal, so you can take them anytime. That said, we’ve found that women find the live experience of the circle so powerful that they often join live no matter what their time zone.

  • In an ideal world we would be gathering weekly in person around a fire or in a lush garden. But that would limit the geographical location of who can participate. Through the magic of Zoom, women all over the world can gather, practice together, and become more embodied. You can easily access the circle Zoom link inside of your portal, and there are plenty of Zoom tutorials available online if you need help.