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The Amba Community

Our core community of women. Get exclusive access to events, weekly Embodiment Sessions, courses, resources, and more! If you’re new here, this is a great place to start.

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In-depth, immersive programs that allow you to go deep in personal exploration and growth. These open only for a limited time and fill up quickly, so start planning now!

What is the Amba Method?

Get to know the Amba Method, it’s evolution, and the personal story of its founder, Meghan Mahealani.

About the Amba Method

Membership Policies & Waiver

General Policies

I am clear that it is 100% up to me to show up ready to practice, and I take 100%  responsibility for receiving the value and depth of this program. 

I agree to make my practice time sacred during live-streamed Amba circles and workshops:

  • I agree to always set up from a quiet, private place free from distraction where I can be present in order to receive maximum value.
  • I agree not to take the live-streamed Amba circles and workshops from my car (parked or driving), or a busy public space like a cafe.
  • If there is the possibility of a noise distraction (such as children in the home or dogs barking), I agree to wear headphones. 
  • For sound privacy, if there’s a chance of someone walking through my practice space (such as a child or spouse coming in the room to get something) I agree to wear headphones.

I agree to set myself up with a comfortable practice space, with enough space to be able to move and lie on the ground, at least two yoga-mats width and 1 yoga mats length. 

I agree to thoughtfully set up my sacred space with at least two candles, space clearing support (such as rose water, agua florida, sound tools like a rattle or drum, and/or sacred burnables lit prior to clear the space, such as sage, palo santo etc), mats or ideally soft rugs or sheepskins, pillows, cushions or bolsters, and a Mindfold or other kind of blindfold.


I understand that there are no refunds or transfers for any reason, and all sales are final.

I understand that I am purchasing a membership in the Amba Community, and that my membership access is only for me. I agree that I won’t share my login information with anyone.

I understand that all good things take time, and cultivating a consistent embodiment practice doesn’t happen overnight. Because we want you to succeed in your intention, there is a 3-month initial commitment to the Amba Community

I understand that I can stop participation in the Amba Community at any time, however I am fully financially responsible for the first 3 months.

In order to cancel my membership after the 3 months are up, I understand that I need to give 30 days notice by logging into my Amba Community account and cancelling my membership. 

I understand that if I’m choosing the monthly payment option, I am still responsible for the 3 month initial commitment, and that this is the case whether or not I am participating. 

Amba Community Culture Policies 

I agree to be warm, kind, compassionate, supportive toward myself and all of the other women in the Amba Community.

I agree to bring my full presence to my body, my being, and our practice space for the entirety of the circle. This means that I agree not to have conversations with people, be on my phone, run back and forth to do little tasks, check email, etc. 

When another Amba Community member is sharing, I agree to give her my full presence and attention

I agree to keep confidential any personal content that gets shared in the sharing portion of Amba Community circles and/or workshops. I understand that it’s strictly prohibited to disclose any information about what’s shared by any Amba Community member outside of our sacred circle.

I understand that for the sharing portion of the embodiment circles, if I would like to share or ask a question, I will raise my virtual hand (Zoom feature) so that the facilitator can be clearly notified. I am aware that there is a limited amount of time for sharing/questions and that it’s possible that we won’t be able to get to everyone who has a share at every circle. 

I understand that for the sacredness and connection of our community, cameras are on at the beginning of the circle and end of the circle. While cameras can be off during the guided embodiment journey (practice), it’s asked that everyone has their camera on for the opening and closing segments. 

Arrival & Attendance

In order to create a safe and sacred space, we’ll open the virtual doors to our Amba Community embodiment circles, events and workshops 15 minutes prior to the start time

I agree to arrive into the private Amba Community Zoom room at least 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the session to give myself time to ground, settle, and prepare for my practice. 

I understand that the virtual doors will be closed/locked at the start time of the circle, workshop, or class. I am aware that I won’t be able to get into the session if I arrive past the start time. 

Waiver of Liability and Terms of Use

Checking the box “I agree to Amba’s Membership Policy” and completing signup for the Amba Community constitutes my acceptance of the conditions expressed in this agreement.

My decision to participate in the Amba Community is a personal decision. No one has made any promises or warranties as to the results or benefits I will receive or as to any specific results I will realize from my participation in this program. I am committed to participating fully in this program in order to receive the full experience and practice.

I understand that this program is not therapy or psychological training is not a treatment or the substitute for the treatment or services ordinarily provided by healthcare professionals for physiological or psychological complaints. If I desire therapy or psychological counseling, I will seek it from a licensed provider.

I am well, physically and emotionally, and commit to being responsible for my own well-being during the practices, workshops, and programs within the Amba Community. I understand that the circles, workshops and other events offered within the Amba Community are my personal benefit only, and may not be appropriate for others. I understand and agree that participation in and/or completion of these programs does not constitute professional training and does not entitle me to teach, lead, coach, or otherwise use this material with others in any way. I understand that all materials including handouts, videos, courses, and other resources provided inside of the Amba Community are confidential and proprietary in nature and other than for my own personal use, I will have no future right to use these materials, practices, or processes in any way without express written permission rom Meghan Mahealani Makena and the Amba Method.

I assume all risk associated with participating in the Amba community and release the Amba Community facilitators, the Amba Method, Meghan Mahealani Makena, their affiliates, employees, and agents from, and shall defend, and indemnify, and hold them harmless from and against, all liabilities, claims, actions, losses, causes of action, and costs in any way arising out of my participation in the Program. I release all Amba Community facilitators, the Amba Method, and Meghan Mahealani Makena from any liability for injuries due to their negligence occurring now or in the future, during or after my participation in any program or event within or related to the Amba Community.

I understand that I am responsible for my own physical, emotional, and mental health at all times, and I agree to move at a pace that works for me. I understand that I am voluntarily enrolling in any of and all Mahealani programs and hold harmless the company known as Amba Method as well as its owners, staff, officers, members, and employees. I understand that the Amba Community / Amba Method is an educational program, that it is not therapeutic in design, intent or approach, and is not a substitute for medical treatment, psychotherapy, or any health program. I understand that Meghan Mahealani Makena and the Amba Method staff and guest facilitators give their opinions based on their personal experience. I take full responsibility for all my actions taken in response to any input from Meghan Mahealani Makena, and any staff, assistants, guest facilitators or students in the Amba Community and the Amba Method. I further agree to indemnify and hold the Amba Method, its owners, staff, members, officers, employees, and agents harmless for any and all liability incurred as a result in my participation in any course. I agree to release Meghan Mahealani Makena and the Amba Method LLC from any legal liability, and agree not to sue the Amba Method,, its owners, staff, officers, members, and employees for any and all injuries (physical, emotional and/or mental) caused by or resulting from my participation in any Amba Method programs.

I agree not to utilize intellectual property that’s shared in the Amba Community without the written permission of Meghan Mahealani Makena and the Amba Methodi, as it is owned exclusively by the Amba Method. I may take notes during circles or workshops for my own personal, non­commercial use only if I have the permission of the instructor. I will not sell, re-publish, distribute, or display any content or any other material from the website, classes, workshops, retreats, training programs, or sessions for any purpose. I agree and acknowledge that if there should be any dispute resulting from my participation in any Amba Method programs, classes, or if there should be any claim of injury resulting in my participation, I intentionally waive my right to a jury trial, and that binding arbitration is the only legal recourse available to me. I further agree that the terms of this agreement shall be binding upon my heirs, executors, and administrators, and all members of my family, including minors. I have read and understood the above release, assumption of risk, and indemnification agreement. I am aware that this contract is legally binding and that I am releasing legal rights by signing it.

I have read and understand this agreement fully and intend to be legally bound by it. Checking the box “I agree to Amba’s Membership Policy” and completing signup for the Amba Community constitutes my acceptance of the conditions expressed in this agreement.


Questions about these policies? Please reach out!