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What is the Amba Method?

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About the Amba Method
August 4, 2023 | Resource

Earth Element

The earth element teaches us stability, commitment, structure, and steady focus. 

As we work with the earth element in embodiment practice, we learn steadiness, whole-body strength, and how to meet another (or ourselves) with our full presence and focus. Where we are not stable, our bodies tighten to try and hold on for safety.  Where we are stable, we can relax and settle more deeply within. When we are grounded, we can truly rest and feel at home. 

  • Embodying the Earth Element: Strength and safety are key aspects of embodying the earth element. This is not just physical strength, but also the strength of the depth of who we are. We are stable and strong when we are centered inside of ourselves and able to hold a container or structure for all that we are feeling. The ability to hold a loving and firm container for feeling and experience creates a feeling of inner safety and security. 
  • A breathing practice for the Earth Element: Breathe a steady, deep, diaphragmatic  breath that’s the same count in as out. Feel the physicality of your breath as it moves your ribs and diaphragm. If you’d like a guided video tutorial in the Earth breath, it’s available in our resources section of the Amba Community.

Here’s an Earth Element playlist for you to enjoy.

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Meghan Mahealani

Founder & Creator of the Amba Method.

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