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What is the Amba Method?

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About the Amba Method
July 14, 2023 | Amba Method

Give yourself Room

Give yourself all the room in the world to exist exactly as you are.

In all of your aspects and all of your layers, can you give yourself room right now to exist as you are?

That’s what the Earth is doing.

That’s what God-Source-Spirit is doing.

That’s what Creation is doing. 

Giving you room to exist exactly as you are.

In all of your wisdom and in all of your pain. 

In all of your gentleness and tenderness. 

In all of your worried, tight, contracted places.

There is room for you. 

There is so much room for YOU to be as you are. 

There is a force of love, whether you feel it from the Earth or the Heavens or from within your own Heart or from your Angels. Wherever you source this force of love, it’s always available to you and it’s always giving you room to be as you are. 

And then we can follow the lead of Love and give that to ourselves.

This is the beginning of how we get deeply nourished. We go into our bodies, into the physical and energetic space inside, and enter the feelings and emotions, the inner terrain and give room for all of it to exist. 

Rather than trying to relax or get into a certain state, in the Deep Nourishment practice, the focus is on giving yourself ROOM to BE. 

Because Earth – God – Spirit – Love is not trying to get you to a certain state. It’s not trying to correct you. It’s not trying to get you to relax. 

There is room to be exactly here, where you are right now. 

And that in itself creates a softening. 

And as you enter the practice of giving yourself room, you may feel a softening that results from being allowed to exist as you are, not because you are trying to soften, but because you are including yourself – including your whole experience – and wrapping loving arms around the whole experience that you’re having.

It’s a multi-dimensional experience:

You are a human.

You are a force of light.

You are a vast ocean that lives beyond space and time. 

There are aspects of you that are little and fragile.

There are aspects of you that are ancient and wise and infinitely powerful.

When we go into the space of the Deep Nourishment practice, it’s always good to acknowledge the full spectrum of YOU as a being, to bow to all of these layers and aspects of yourself, so that you feel permission to exist as ALL of you.

Meet the author

Meghan Mahealani

Founder & Creator of the Amba Method.

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