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November 22, 2023 | Lifestyle

Six sneaky habits

Six sneaky habits that are dimming your light and keeping you anxious, and never actually giving you what you’re seeking…

  1. Scrolling your phone at night: seeking true connection or a way to numb out/dissociate.
  2. Drinking, vaping, smoking: seeking relaxation and relief from the intensity of life.
  3. Avoiding cultivating a consistent presence practice (meditation, etc): seeking distraction, avoiding the ultimate truth serum: stillness.
  4. Eating processed and hyper-palatable foods: seeking comfort, love and the inimitable sweetness of the divine.
  5. Cramming more into your schedule than you can truly handle: seeking connection, approval, or diversion from reality.

We all need comfort, connection, relaxation, a way to process our feelings, and to taste the sweetness of the divine. But sometimes the habits we find ourselves in are actually taking us further from that which we’re seeking.

With the intensity of what’s happening on earth continuing to accelerate, many people are getting the wake up call from upstairs:

This isn’t a time to numb out.
This isn’t a time to distract.
This isn’t a time for excuses.
It’s a time to fiercely, lovingly, and with a heart full of devotion, step into full clarity, full light, full courage, full power.

When we set down a habit, we need to look at what we were trying to get from that behavior. If the habit was a search for comfort, relief from emotional intensity, and connection, then we need to seek out spaces, activities, and environments where we can get the real version of that.

It’s common to hold a lot of shame around these kinds of dissociative habits, so we need to be extremely compassionate with ourselves as we shine more and more light on the ways in which we’ve numbed out, checked out, fogged out.

It makes sense we’d try to get our basic body + soul needs met by any means necessary in a world that doesn’t make it easy for us to find them. Conversely, our society provides and encourages these distractions and habits that take us farther from that which we’re seeking.

If you’ve never developed a consistent embodiment practice, that’s a really good place to start. Especially in a community, if you can find one, you receive support and encouragement from other women who are also cultivating depth of presence and coming home to their bodies. Embodiment is profound nourishment on so many levels: emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Any true embodiment program will have some component of Earth Resonance practice, which is another way to say restoring your living, breathing connection with the spirit and organism of the Earth. The sense of belonging here, on the earth, gets restored on a cellular level so that we actually feel it in our bodies. This is essential since many of our ‘sneaky habits’ are an attempt to feel this deep connection. Every human heart aches to feel this connection.

Habits can be tricky to break, but when they get replaced with the true nourishment of what we’re actually craving, the road’s a lot less bumpy.
And when we’re supported through our community and sharing our path with women who are equally devoted to living in their power, light, clarity, courage, the road is not only easier… it’s joyous and healing.

Meet the author

Meghan Mahealani

Founder & Creator of the Amba Method.

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