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What is the Amba Method?

Get to know the Amba Method, it’s evolution, and the personal story of its founder, Meghan Mahealani.

About the Amba Method
January 8, 2024 | Community, Lifestyle


DEPTH, as in . . .

Depth of access to pathways in, via your sacred practice

Depth of connection into your bio-vessel (body)

Depth of presence

Depth of anchoring in to your innermost being

Depth of intimacy with your breath inside of this moment

Why deeper?

The deeper we can anchor to our power and center within, the stronger our spiritual immune system becomes. In this rapidly accelerated time in society, anchoring within and staying close to the earth are essential.

In addition to the practical application of going deeper, you’ll feel waves of craving to go deeper that arise from within you. This inner pull to go deeper, whether that’s in your practice, in a relationship, or something else, is a phase of the growth cycle of nature. The craving for greater depth can show up in different ways. Sometimes it looks like no longer being satisfied with the way things have been, or feeling stagnant or that something’s missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it. When you honor your heart’s call to go deeper, you’re honoring your nature.

Are you sure?

Saying yes to deepening is saying yes to entering great unknown. We don’t know who we’ll become, what we’ll need to leave behind, or where we’ll end up. The will inevitably be loss. From loss of who we thought we were, to feeling that we can no longer relate to loved ones in the same way, to the dissolving of former interests, beliefs, and even passions.

Recalling times in my life when deeper waters have beckoned me; the price of admission for the adventure to a new ground-of-being is no small matter: I’ve endured agonizing loss of close friendships, spiritual teachers, communities I was woven into, communities I had built from scratch, ways of living that had previously felt deeply aligned, and so much more. In hindsight, the fulfillment from saying yes to Depth’s invitation has always felt well worth what must be laid to rest, but it’s useful to be privy to this so we can be prepared for the inevitable grief that’s accompanies any deep-diving-for-precious-inner-treasures expedition.

Depth allows us to pray and listen from closer in, and respond to life from that place we are accessing when we listen.

The life we build from accessing ourselves to the depths has a very different feel and vibration than the life we build from living more at the surface. Yet it could look the same from the outside. 

To nurture depth in any area takes discipline, devotion, and commitment.


I know that this word can feel constricting and loaded for some people, especially beings with a more feminine essence. If that’s you, I invite you to re-examine your definition of this word and consider expanding your relationship to discipline. 

I think of being disciplined as learning to listen on a refined level, to become more and more curious, to sink deeper into what I’m doing, and to forever remain a student of life and my body. 

Inner Discipline: To be disciplined within the structure of our practice, internally, with 

Outer Discipline: Showing up no matter what to practice, or to whatever it is that we are craving depth in. We can show up no matter what out of pressure and ‘trying to be good’ or we can show up no matter what out of raw passion and love of life. I invite you to feel the difference in your body.


Pouring ourselves, our whole hearts, into our practice, into this moment, into whatsoever it is that we love and care about.

Inner Devotion: Putting your whole heart and presence into this moment right now, whatever you’re doing

Outer Devotion: Could look like offering flowers on your altar or giving your time and attention and nurturing to your child or beloved or a dear friend.


Commitment creates a unique space of trust and possibility for depth and intimacy that does not and cannot exist without commitment.

Commitment is the mother of consistency. Commitment is the inner posture of the heart and mind that births consistency of action. For example, commitment to your deepening into your innermost being and naturally births an unwavering, consistent practice that stands the test of time.

Meet the author

Meghan Mahealani

Founder & Creator of the Amba Method.

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