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What is the Amba Method?

Get to know the Amba Method, it’s evolution, and the personal story of its founder, Meghan Mahealani.

About the Amba Method

Category: Community

January 8, 2024 |


DEPTH, as in . . . Depth of access to pathways in, via your sacred practice Depth of connection into your bio-vessel (body) Depth of presence Depth of anchoring in to […]

December 4, 2023 |

dilate the moment

Inside of our Amba Community, we explore a new theme each month. Our December theme of the month is: Take your time or, the way I like to think of […]

December 4, 2023 |

Rose mugwort latté

As of late, as we head into the cozy season of the year and nights are longer, I’ve been doing 1-2 hour Deep Nourishment body dives almost nightly. This has […]

A female lion and her cubs.
September 12, 2023 |

Nuture Yourself, Nurture the World

If we take even just the briefest glance at the state of the world, it’s not hard to see that humanity is acutely deficient in the quality of nurturing. As […]

A group of women in a yoga meditation room sitting in a class with lights dim.
August 18, 2023 |

The Power of Women’s Circles

The Power of Women’s Circles: Nurturing Community on the Path of Awakening In a world that often encourages individualism and isolation, the resurgence of women’s circles around the world points […]