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October 1, 2023 | Amba Method, Mind

How to Prepare for Amba Embodiment Circles, monthly Amba Salons, and Workshops

This one is for our Amba Community members.

Whether you’ve just joined and you’re getting ready to take your first Embodiment Circle or you’ve been part of our community for a while but just need a refresher, here’s everything you need to know about how to prepare yourself and your space:


Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for all Amba Community embodiment circles, workshops, and events so that you can have time to settle and ground into your body. Virtual doors open on Zoom 15 minutes before our circle begins.This is a good time to light your candles, clear the energy of your space, pour yourself some tea, breathe, pray, and tune into your intention for the practice.

Entering the sanctuary

Just as you wouldn’t wear dirty shoes or bring your phone with you into a sacred temple space, you’re invited to set down your phone (out of your practice space or turned to off or at least do not disturb), and also set down anything that’s weighing heavy on your heart, such as a life challenge or unsettling experience you recently had. You may find that you want to write these things down and imagine that you’re handing them off to your divine team. You could even place them in a special basket or on your altar. The more you hold the intention that your practice and time going inward is a sanctuary, the deeper you’ll be able to go.


  • Please make sure you’re in a private space, free of distractions and outside noise. Headphones are recommended if you’re practicing in a space where there is the chance of noise nearby.
  • Please do not ever try to attend a circle while in your car, parked or driving, or in a public setting such as at a cafe. You’ll need a private solo space where you can move and sound freely without other people around.
  • Be sure to arrive before the circle begins, as we start promptly and lock virtual doors at that time.
  • We kindly ask that you do not leave early. Each embodiment circle is a deep sacred journey. Please, only attend a live circle if you are able to stay until the end.

Practice Essentials

  • Eye cover: You can search “mindfold” online or order from Amazon. This is not an eye pillow, but rather, an eye cover that doesn’t press into your eyes and will stay on through movement. It blocks all light and allows you to bring your awareness inward without being distracted by your visual sense and surroundings. If you prefer something softer, you can order a silk blindfold eye cover from Etsy or anywhere online.
  • Practice Pad: Make yourself a “rest nest” with some combination of rugs, carpets, sheepskins, blankets, and pillows. The softer the better. You want your practice area to feel soft and inviting, comfortable enough that you could roll around on the floor if you wanted to. I personally like to start with a large area rug on top of a thick rug pad, then a couple faux 4×6 fur rugs, and an ethically sourced sheepskin from New Zealand on top. If you have a grounding mat, you are welcome to place it under your ‘rest nest’.
  • Winter Warmth: in colder months you may want to invest in a heat pad or a bio-mat-like pad to keep you warm during Deep Nourishment. If you don’t feel up for the investment of the original bio mat, are many bio-mat alternatives that are great quality and a small fraction of the cost.
  • To wear: In colder weather, make sure to keep your feet warm with cozy socks. Wear soft, loose fitting clothing that feels good to move in. No jeans, belts, tight pants or other constrictive clothing that puts a restriction on your breath or your belly.

Other Practice Items

  • Journal and pen. It’s recommended that you have a dedicated journal to keep notes and intentions from your practice in one spot.
  • For Amba Embodiment Circles and Salons, always have at least two candles in your practice space on your altar. Most candles are made with toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health, so we recommend pure beeswax or coconut wax, unscented.
  • A small bowl or box for your altar or near your practice area, a few small pieces of paper, and a pen.
  • Space clearing tools of your choice: this could include rose water, agua florita, copal, incense, Palo Santo, sage, cedar, or something else that works for you.

Looking forward to practicing with you soon!

In love + Service,


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Founder & Creator of the Amba Method.

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